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S-2: First Lieutenant Tse
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Semper Paratus - USCG

Open to Collaborations: (slot 1)
Open to Requests: (slot 1), (slot 2), (slot 3)
Open to Trades: (slot 1)

Art Style: Pencil. Realistic. Dumb cartoon/anime hybrid. Bad digital coloring over pencil.
Do: Most characters, animals, Pokemon, Transformers, and your OCs (I will even draw complicated/flamboyant Mary Sue/Stu), only 1-4 characters per piece.
Don't: Canon/Original character romances. OCs being related to canon. Pedophile pairings. Ponies. Sparkle animals. Pairings where I don't feel comfortable drawing because I'm a douche, for example: Supernatural's Castiel/Dean, Teen Wolf's Derek/Stiles, or Bleach's Ichigo/Rukia.


Hit me up on Xbox, valuedyapper35.
Mass Effect Trilogy, Black Ops II, Fallout 3, Minecraft, MW3, Black Ops, Dead Island, Far Cry 3
I'm starting League of Legend and I am very bad.

Current Interests: Wars, Military, Pokemon, Transformers Prime!
Hetalia, Bleach, the listed video games, Hawaii 5-0, The Walking Dead, Person of Interest, Legend of Korra, regrettable Meme Center...

Hobbies: eating all the food, snowboarding, and doing stupid things with cars; Fugitive, that shit is an adrenaline rush of retarded fun.

winning in general

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